Course Academy provides a broad range of personal development training courses aimed at the business professional. Our breadth of knowledge and expertise has made us the preferred choice for many of the UK’s top organisations looking to train their staff both offsite and by having the training delivered in-house.

We offer a range of schedule dates running at UK training centres or our courses can be delivered in-house to you at any UK location. The advantage of in-house training means that you do not have to pay travel or room hire and the cost per head is therefore significantly reduced.  We can tailor course content to your exact needs and we can also deliver bites sized chunks to large audiences if this is your preferred format.   Contact our friendly team to discuss your needs and we will be happy to help you. 

Popular courses include:

Time Management Training
Effective Communication Training
Motivating Your Team Course
Fundamentals of Selling Training Course
Speaking and Presenting with Confidence Course
Negotiation Skills Training Courses


To find out about how we could deliver a value added training experience in-house please complete the enquiry form or contact us on 01225 331177 or email

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"I've gained a huge amount from this course so thanks for allowing us to be on it. There is a lot of stuff I need to type up into my own words and process thoroughly but it has been massively beneficial and would love to attend some more of these. Especially the things based around psychology and NLP, as that's most relative to my role. "4Com PLC